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Gorilla - Jean Paul Kala
Jaguar - Jean-Paul Kala
Kazumba - Jean-Paul Kala
Reuben Karol
David - Vivian Choi
Gorilla - Hoze
Jaguar - Hoze
Kiss me honey - Motti-Inbar
Drinking horse - Tom Hiscocks
WOMAN -Filippo Pietro Castrovinci
Roxanne by Craig on Etsy.

The only one?


People often ask me if I am the only one doing these topographic sculptures. 

When I first started making these laminated sculptures in 2012, I could not find anyone else doing similar things. I thought that it was a bit strange since the tools I was using are readily available to all.

Since then, a few people have appeared.

I have already mentioned Belgian artist Jean-Paul Kala,  Jean Paul Kala – Olivier Duhamel, Sculptor (olivierduhamelartist.com) Jean Paul works in metal.

Also in Belgium, the artist Hoze makes since 2019 sculptures very similar to that of Jean-Paul Kala
Hoze Ezoh (@hoze_ezoh) • Instagram photos and videos

Hoze and Kala do very similar pieces, Gorillas, Jaguars.

We can also see similarities with the work of Israelian artist Mutti Inbar (14) Facebook

I have recently discovered the works of the German sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae JVA Portfolio (jvainsta.netlify.app) who also works in metal. It is not clear of when Julian started doing this but some videos of his laminated sculptures date back from 2013. Julian must also be using the same digital tools as me.

In the UK we  find Tom Hiscocks Tom Hiscocks British Sculptor Homepage His first exhibitions were in 2016

In the USA Reuben Karol (1922 – 2020) Made some sculpture using the same techniques.
Reuben Karol artist – Google Search

There is also Italian Filippo Pietro Castrovinci Filippo Pietro Castrovinci (Italy), Contemporary Sculptor Artist | Artmajeur

Korean artist Vivian Choi has been doing similar metal sculptures since 2011. Korean artist Park Chan Girl – Google Search

And Since 2023, there is this OZ guy called Craig selling a “Roxanne” on Etsy. This one looks like straight plagiarism of my black and white acrylic “Roxie

There must be more people using the same topographic techniques. Please let me know and I’ll update this page.

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