Wood sculptures

A wooden sculpture of a nude woman sitting and holding her breast.
"Aarwyn" - Wood

These sculptures are protected by several layers of shellac; a natural varnish wish does not attract dust and will protect the sculpture from moisture. Thus, very little maintenance is required.

The sculpture is not suitable for outdoor display and must be kept dry at all time. Do not use moisture to clean.

Prolonged exposure to heat or direct sunlight must be avoided as high temperature may cause the glue to expand and temporarily separate some of the layers.

MDF is a very stable and durable material.

Acrylic Sculptures

an orange acrylic sculpture of a nude woman sitting
"Myriam" - Olivier Duhamel

Acrylic carries static electricity which tends to attract dust. A customary dusting off may be required from time to time.

Light glue marks and dark laser burn marks may be visible in places. These marks cannot be removed and are part of the piece for posterity. Any attempt to remove such marks will do more harm than good.

The acrylic sculptures are suitable for outdoor display, except perhaps in heavy frost condition as water may have seeped between layers and expand upon freezing, applying undue pressure between layers. Over several years, this process may weaken the structure.

High quality acrylic is used and sold as being UV resistant, however, only time will tell. It is possible than prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will dull the shine and affect the aspect of the sculpture.


Two women kissing
"I Kissed a Girl"

These sculptures are cast in silicon bronze and have received an artificial patina. Patina is the natural process of metal oxidisation which modifies and darken the natural coppery colour of the alloy over time. This process is considerably accelerated by the artist by applying several oxides at various temperatures.

Chemicals residues may remain active for many years and subtly affect the colour of your bronze. The sculptures have been sealed by a layer of shoe wax which will protect exposure to the atmosphere and prevent further oxidation.

Should the sculpture become dull under frequent handling, its shine can be revived with a soft cloth.