MODELTECH – Modeltech offers a specialised laser cutting service for New Zealand designers, commercial and small business.
Clovis Viscoe and Judith Webster have been invaluable contributors in giving us technical advice and guidance.

Krzystof Pfeiffer – Photographer – Most of the images published here are from Krzystof Pfeiffer who was until recently the official photographer of Auckland War Memorial Museum were he spend 20 years capturing captivating art.
 He has a master degree from the University of Zielona Gora in Poland and has been recognised with numerous awards including the Gold Cross of Merit for his photography work around the Pacific .

Thai Metal Crafter Foundry  Founded in 1992 by a foundry master with a team of  French trained metal craftsmen, TMC has developed the trust and confidence  of many leading sculptors, galleries and museums around the world. TMC seasoned foundry men blend  French  technique, Thai traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced modern technology to handle monumental size to miniature production run.

We are trusting  PACK & SEND Pakuranga to package, ship and organise custom clearance of all our works. You can be assured that your artwork will be delivered in time and in good condition using the services of companies such as DHL.

Matthew Dwight is a functional and artistic wood turner based in Thornleigh, NSW, Australia. Matthew is making beautiful bases for my sculptures in a variety of endemic and exotic timber to a high degree of quality.

Some of his works can be seen at the Bungendore Woodworks gallery, NSW

Lea Buisson is my art agent in Europe. More details

For most of my modelling, I am using Pixologic Zbrush  
This is a very powerful  3D modelling tool. This is fairly complex and takes quite a bit of practice to master. However if you wanted to teach yourself 3D modelling, Pixologic also offers a free tool called Sculptris. Highly recommended. 

If you wonder how I  create the layers or topographic contours of my models, here is a tip: use Autodesk Fusion 360. 

Vasco Humbert is my studio manager. I am very thankful of his meticulous attention to details, his ingenuity and his joyful company.

Jieruiprototype is doing my 3Dprint to the highest levels of details and quality.