exhibition in Bangkok

Exhibition in Bangkok

Art by the metre on show at River City
Bangkok Post
In keeping with the notion small is beautiful, La Lanta Fine Art presents the “1 x 1 x 1” exhibition that features small artworks with less than 1m dimensions, at Galleria 4, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, until Oct 13.

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Bamboo sculpture

A low polygon.

Low polygon sculptures have become a genre of its own, The polygonal brutalist genre emerged after the second world war, particularly in the eastern block. Many examples are still exhibited in many cities and parks in Poland and the former USSR. It has since acquired its letters
of nobility…..

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Torso, female, acrylic, black and white

A New Roxie…

This one is an edition of 20 recently released.
At 60 cm tall (plus the base) she is spectacular.
To limit the weight, I have made it hollow and filled it with polyurethane expanding foam for added strenght.
You see her here mounted on a bare timber base. It can be painted in enamel of any colour…

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wood sculpture of a nude woman doing a yoga headstand

Je mord

Question :
J’ai déjà vu ce type de réalisations…impression 3D… Découpe et fraisage 3D, à Carrare y en a plein. Ça existe depuis 20 ans… Aucun intérêt artistique mais plutôt une machine qui fait un travail. Une machine qui fraise fait toutes sortes de travaux… Pièce d’usinage rien d’autre… Aucun intérêt artistique…

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