My own research.

One can take a horse to the river, but you cannot force it to drink. You just must wait patiently; it will eventually drink.

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Tauranga winter warm up art sale

SALES DATES: Saturday, 31 July – Tuesday, 31 August.

LATE NIGHT ‘Warm Up Sale’ SHOPPING with EXOTIC herbal & fruit TEAS: Saturday, 31 July, 11am – 7.30pm. * The gallery will be open from 11am until 7.30pm

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Bronze statuette


Unfortunately small sculptures often walk away by themselves. Can you help me find these lost pieces? That would be much appreciated.

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Torso, female, acrylic, black and white

Edition, series, multiples….

If you are confused about the notions of limited edition, open edition, original edition, artist edition, multiple editions, series, and other obscure art concepts, please read my take on it.

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bronze figurine of a nude woman sitting

Recent sales

It is always hugely rewarding to know that someone, somewhere loves my work enough to give me a large sum of money for it.

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Sculpture of a couple kissing

How are the resin figurines made?

How are the resin figurines made?

This post is to illustrate and explain the creative process of my small resin figurines.
1- Inspiration
2- design
3- manufacturing
4- Finishing
5- is this art?

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Art in the park – Auckland

23 — 25 July 2021 | Eden Park, Auckland

We are thrilled to provide a new opportunity for New Zealand artists to display their work on our iconic 118-year old stage.
Nick Sautner CEO, The Eden Park Trust

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What’s new at the Bungendore Woodworks

The Gallery has been busier over the last few weekends.
This time last year we were closed during the lockdown, and using our time
with the doors closed to rebuild our website and Point of Sales system.
It’s been great to keep the doors open this year, enjoying the last days of
warmth before the winter cold well and truly sets in. There’s nothing like
seeing the Gallery full of people, all enjoying the wonderful talents of some
of Australia’s best wood workers. Our team have been busy keeping the
Gallery in top condition for everyone to enjoy

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wooden sculpture of a nude female torso


Do you think my sculpture are too expensive?
I wanted to open my books here so that you can have a better idea of how much things costs and where is the money going.

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L’affaire Olivier Duhamel

Vous avez sans doute appris récemment qu’un de mes homonymes, le politologue et intellectuel français Olivier Duhamel a récemment été accusé d’inceste.
Ça n’est pas moi, mais vous le saviez déjà.

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Jean Paul Kala

. Exposer deux artistes s’exprimant de la même façon sur le même sujet peut dévaloriser leur travail respectif aux yeux des visiteurs. Ça n’est pas si original que ça finalement, se dira-t-on.

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exhibition in Bangkok

Exhibition in Bangkok

Art by the metre on show at River City
Bangkok Post
In keeping with the notion small is beautiful, La Lanta Fine Art presents the “1 x 1 x 1” exhibition that features small artworks with less than 1m dimensions, at Galleria 4, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, until Oct 13.

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Bamboo sculpture

A low polygon.

Low polygon sculptures have become a genre of its own, The polygonal brutalist genre emerged after the second world war, particularly in the eastern block. Many examples are still exhibited in many cities and parks in Poland and the former USSR. It has since acquired its letters
of nobility…..

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Torso, female, acrylic, black and white

A New Roxie…

This one is an edition of 20 recently released.
At 60 cm tall (plus the base) she is spectacular.
To limit the weight, I have made it hollow and filled it with polyurethane expanding foam for added strenght.
You see her here mounted on a bare timber base. It can be painted in enamel of any colour…

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Forward slash, winner Parkin Prize 2020

The same typewriter character repeated to cover the same area of paper and titled with the same name “forward slash”.
These similarities are not similarities, they are the exact same thing. The entire work is an exact copy of an earlier work by another artist.
Is this an extraordinary coincidence or is this straight plagiarism?

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