Unfortunately small sculptures often walk away by themselves. Can you help me find these lost pieces? That would be much appreciated.

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The Indicator

The usage of the indicator is one of these things we take for granted and comply with without putting much thought into it. But does the logic of its usage stand up to scrutiny? Or is it an unchallenged dogma we never question and accept as part of the natural order of things even if it serves no real purpose?

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One Woman’s Legacy

Waiheke Community Art Gallery
27 October – 10 December
Art & Community – One Woman’s Legacy
(Catherine Mitchell Arts Centre Exhibition)

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The only one?

When I first started making these laminated sculptures in 2012, I could not find anyone else doing similar things. I thought that it was a bit strange since the tools I was using are readily available to all.
Since then, a few people have appeared.

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Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

18 – 21 MAY 2023
Affordable Art Fair first opened the doors to Hong Kong 10 years ago! In 2023, we are honoured to return once again, continuing our decade-long mission to showcase local and international creativity to Hong Kong, with fresh artworks ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Join us this May to experience the transformative power of art.

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Wooden sculpture of a female torso

SOLD Brooke

SOLD Brooke to a collector in the UK.
It was successfully shipped by DHL.
A Unique wooden sculpture 50cm tall mounted on a rotating European beech base.

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A 5% royalty

The government has recently announced that a 5% royalty will be paid to the artists from the resale of artworks on the secondary market. This has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the industry at large.
Do people ever think?

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Tout baigne.

Home > News > Tout baigne La France est un pays merveilleux, un petit paradis. C’est un pays magnifique, avec des grandes montagnes aux pics

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Naked Ambition

Gulf News 25 nov 21 – Olivier Duhamel’s art is sometimes controversial but always striking. He discusses his process, his background and how he wants observers to find his work enchanting rather than thought provoking.

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Mixed Materiality

Home > News > Mixed Materiality White Space Art Asia is pleased to present ‘Mixed Materiality’, an exhibition dedicated to exploring the relationship between medium

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Tauranga winter warm up art sale

SALES DATES: Saturday, 31 July – Tuesday, 31 August.

LATE NIGHT ‘Warm Up Sale’ SHOPPING with EXOTIC herbal & fruit TEAS: Saturday, 31 July, 11am – 7.30pm. * The gallery will be open from 11am until 7.30pm

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Torso, female, acrylic, black and white

Edition, series, multiples….

If you are confused about the notions of limited edition, open edition, original edition, artist edition, multiple editions, series, and other obscure art concepts, please read my take on it.

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bronze figurine of a nude woman sitting

Recent sales

It is always hugely rewarding to know that someone, somewhere loves my work enough to give me a large sum of money for it.

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Sculpture of a couple kissing

How are the resin figurines made?

How are the resin figurines made?

This post is to illustrate and explain the creative process of my small resin figurines.
1- Inspiration
2- design
3- manufacturing
4- Finishing
5- is this art?

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