Art model

I wish to thank all the people who have been modelling for my sculptures. Without your graceful and creative contribution, none of this would have been possible. I am incredibly grateful.

Some of my friends tell me that I have the best job in the world, I agree.

But others think that I am exploiting women’s body. This is an acrimonious and negative view. I much prefer to say that I am celebrating the beauty and the sensuality of my chosen subject of studies. (Please be sure that you are not just a “subject of study”, I hope that you have good memories of the time we spend working together. )

Art model

What does a modelling session entail? I am sculpting digitally, on the computer. This takes me several hours, days, weeks even. I cannot ask the model to please keep still for all this time. Instead I take several photos from various point of views and use these images as references when modelling the sculpture in the loneliness of my studio. See a video illustrating this process.
I rarely start with a preconceived idea. Finding a pose is largely a collaborative effort.

Are you interested in modelling? Please do not hesitate to contact me in confidence.

How much do I pay my models? Not much, a good hourly rate but we only work together for a couple of hours, at most; Please, do not expect to become rich. Some people model for the experience rather than for money, but I will always pay my models regardless as every work deserves a salary. A financial contribution also helps to establish a professional relationship between model and artist.

Why nude women? For obvious reasons. For the same reasons for which the nude has been illustrated by artists since the beginning of times and across all civilisations. The human body is very attractive to other humans and I see no reason why it should not be expressed through art. On the contrary, it is excessive prudishness that perpetuates a sad culture of guilt and its ensuing cohort of frustration, abuse and violence.

Art model

What is a model release statement? This is a document signed by both model and artist describing the terms and conditions of the assignment. It can state the location, date and time, the remuneration, copyrights, privacy and any other information that either party wants to specify. The intention is to protect the interest of both model and artists.

Life models for drawings? Yes, I do practice life drawing, once or twice a week. See some of my sketches. This is a hobby for me. 

Art model