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Unfortunately small sculptures often walk away by themselves. Can you help me find these lost pieces? That would be much appreciated as the total value of these lost artworks is amounting to US$41,000 of lost business.

A wooden sculpture of a nude woman sitting and holding her breast.
"Aarwyn" - Wood
Gillian - wood
wood sculpture of a nude woman doing a yoga headstand
The Nude Yoga Girl - wood
A nude female torso in laminated wood
Rosie, The topology of the Torso - Wood
orange sculpture of as nude female torso
Roxie - orange acrylic



These pieces were deposited with European Design and Art gallery in Miami, Florida in September 2018.

All my attempts at contacting the owner, Annick Van Gyseghem since September 2021 have remained fruitless and unanswered. Their website, and social media are inactive. 

These sculptures represent a total retail value of USD21,600.00 and I am extremely keen to know of their whereabouts.

“Aarwyn” 01/1  MDF

“Gillian” 3/8  MDF

“Nude Yoga girl 60cm  ” 3/8  Acrylic

“Rosie” 174/200  MDF

“Roxie – Orange” I/IV AE Acrylic

If you happen to know the whereabouts of  Annick Van Gyseghem from Florida, please contact me.

If you have seen any of these pieces, please contact me on olivieroduhamel@gmail.com

Venusine 1/8
Venusine 1/8



Cette sculpture “Chas” 4/5 a été dérobée le 17 Octobre 2021 lors d’un cambriolage a Soisy-sur-Seine dans le 91

If you have seen this piece, please contact me on olivieroduhamel@gmail.com

Statuette of a young woman leaning back
Venusine 1/8



This small resin figurine has been lifted from [ s p a c e ] gallery on Waiheke Island in early June 2021.

If you have seen this piece, please contact me on olivieroduhamel@gmail.com

bronze figurine of a nude woman reclining on her back
Ngaire I/IV
bronze figurine
Christine 3/8



These two small bronze figurines have been on consignment at the “Montaigne Gallery” in Shanghai, China since 2008.

The Montaigne Gallery has seemingly closed down and its owners have not been responding any of my attempts at contacting them.

If you recognise these sculptures or know of the whereabouts please contact me on olivieroduhamel@gmail.com

Last know address:
Montaigne Gallery
167 Anfu road, Xuhui district
Shanghai 20003, China
Owner: Wu Yongshen

Their web site on http://www.chinese-boys-and-girls.com/ is no longer online.

Bronze statuette
"The funambulist" 8/20
"Marie" 5/8
bronze figurine of a nude woman reclining on her back
"Ngaire" 3/8
"The Postgraduate" 8/10



These 4 bronze figurines by New Zealand Sculptor Olivier Duhamel have been either lost or stolen in Adelaide in Australia. The total value of these 4 sculptures is 3,865.00 Australian dollars. I am extremely keen to find them again.

Their last known whereabouts in May 2008, were an Adelaide Art gallery called ” Artsyle Galleries ” where they where accepted to be sold on consignment:
Artsyle Galleries
88 FULLARTON ROAD NORWOOD 5067 T: 08 81325275

However this gallery seems to no longer exists and my numerous and repeated attempts at contacting the owner have been unsuccessful.

The owner is Anthony Cottrell. Mr Cottrell is also advertising himself as a photographer on www.anthonyofadelaide.com.au , on www.anthonycottrell.com.au and on www.maternityportraits.com.au
He also advertise himself as a picture framer on www.pictureframers.com.au and www.artstyle.com.au

Phone calls, emails and letters send to these various addresses and phone numbers over the last 2 years have all remained unanswered.

Published email addresses not responding to my queries:

If you are Anthony Cottrell photographer in Adelaide, Australia, please contact me urgently by email

If you happen to know Anthony Cottrell from Adelaide please ask him to contact me urgently or to let me know of his whereabouts by contacting me.

If you recognise any of these 4 sculptures, please let me know by email or phone on 649 372 7220

If you are some other Anthony Cottrell and unhappy about your name appearing here, please help me find your homonym.

"The Lastaffairian" 4/12
a bronze figurine of a nude woman lying on her belly
"Every Mountain" 6/6



Ces deux petites figurines en bronzes par Olivier Duhamel ce sont égarées en Février 2010 dans le premier arrondissement de la ville de Paris.

France Poste les a remises le 16 février 2010 a une mauvaise adresse et a obtenu une signature de reçu de quelqu’un qui n’était pas le destinataire. Cette personne ne s’est toujours pas manifestée auprès du destinataire légitime.

France Poste considère le colis “perdu”.

Si vous pensez reconnaitre ces sculptures, soyez gentils de me contacter car j’aimerais beaucoup les retrouver.

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"Hannah's Signature" OD (4/8)



This beautiful bronze sculpture by Olivier Duhamel was stolen from a Hamilton art gallery on 25 July 2009. Dimensions are L26.5cm * H9cm  * W 8.5cm . It represent a nude young woman standing and raising her arms over her head.

It bears the following signature engraved on the base:  “OD 4/8 ” It is possible that this signature has now been erased to avoid identification.

The theft has been reported to the Hamilton police (File no. 090729 0050 )

If you think you have seen this sculpture please contact me or the Hamilton Police.

bronze figurine
"Christine" signé OD (2/8)



Cette figurine en bronze c’est égarée fin 2008, début 2009 en Seine-Maritime.

J’ai de bonnes raisons de croire qu’elle est en la possession de monsieur Franck Pernet domicilé au Mesnil-Esnard en Seine-Maritime, France. Si vous connaissez cette personne, merci de me contacter.

J’aimerais beaucoup la retrouver. Contactez moi si vous reconnaissez cette sculpture. Merci de votre aide.

a bronze sculpture of a nude woman sitting as Rodin's thinker
"Thinkeress" OD 3/12



This small sculpture was shop lifted from an Auckland Art Gallery on or around the 19th of December 2008.
Dimensions are H165mm*L110mm*W90mm and it is of brown colour.

It bears the following signature engraved under the base:  “OD 3/12 Nov 2008” It is possible that this signature has now been erased to avoid identification.

The theft has been reported to the police under report number P002897199.

If you think you have seen this sculpture please contact me or the Auckland Police

"Torso of Victory" OD 9/20



When the Rosslyn Gallery closed down for bankruptcy, the appointed receivers omitted to return this small torso.

Perhaps had it been sold prior to the receivership.

My numerous attempts at contacting the receivers or the former owner, MaryRose Scoular, have remained fruitless.

In any  case, if you happen to see this small sculpture with the following engraved at the base ” OD 9/20 ” please contact me as I am anxious to know of its whereabouts

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