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Digital Downloads. No 3DPrinter? No Problem.


I have recently decided to offer some of my 3D models as digital downloads to make them more affordable, vastly more affordable even. These figurines would typically sell for USD800 in a gallery. They can be yours for a fraction of the price, in a few easy steps.

Download, print, and finish these figurines yourself. A quick, simple, and affordable way to own one of my figurines, even if do not have a 3Dprinter and even without any technical knowledge at all.

  • Purchase the file for just a few dollars.
  • Get it printed online and delivered to your door in a few days.
  • Finish the figurines to your taste.


    Several options:
    1- Purchase the files right here on my digital download page
    2 – Go to OlivierODuhamel – Etsy New Zealand and browse my entire catalogue.  No Etsy account is necessary. Easy payment by Credit card, Instant download of a digital 3D file. 
    3- Go to my shop on Cults3D one of the largest 3D files platform.


If you have a 3D printer you already know what to do next. If you do not have a 3D printer and have no 3D knowledge at all, read on.

    Go to Craftcloud® – Compare 3D Printing Services & Order Easily (craftcloud3d.com)
    Click on “Get Instant quote” Upload the 3D file that you have just downloaded. 
    Craftcloud will offer you a number of printing options in a large variety of materials.
    My figurines are best printed in resin. I recommend you select “Standard resin”. Then select “Standard finish” and “Standard colour”. Carftcloud will present you with several printing options from around the world. Select the most appropriate to your needs and proceed to the check out. No Craftcloud account is necessary.
    Most of my figurine are 20 to 30cm and can be printed for under USD60 (plus shipping)
    Your figurine will be printed to the highest level of quality with very fine details and delivered to your door a few days later.
    The 3D printed figurine is hollow and very light. The resin is not UV resistant. I recommend that you finish it to make it heavier, stronger and durable. There will be some holes under the base of the hollow model. Use these holes to fill the figurine with sand, or plaster, or epoxy resin. You can then plug the hole with plaster or wood filler. The figurine can now be painted as a protection against UV. I recommend a strong enamel. One spray can of a colour of your choice is enough. Enamel will adhere to the resin and no primer is necessary. Simply follow the manufacturer directions. You can also have fun painting and decorating it by hand in acrylic paint.


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