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The online edition of the playboy magazine just published a review of my art practice.

“Adept as he is at photo-realistically documenting anatomy, however, Duhamel may in fact be at his best when thoroughly abstracting it. He has a knack for dramatically contorting and distorting, as is seen with The Two Justines’ Francis Bacon-esque head melding or the gentler Rorschach blot kiss of Four Lungs. At times, he’ll bring a classical-seeming work into the 21st century by way of a left-on string bikini or strangely kinky pose; at others, he’ll use elements as simple as unexpected setting (a piece suspended from a tree branch, for example) to breathe new energy into such a well-loved, well-trod genre of art.”

Read it in full here.

They also published an image on their Instagram account which resulted in 100’s of new followers on my Instagram

Will this result in any sales?  

The image they use is a picture of “Ablaze

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