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La Grande Rosie

A large female torso in laminated wood

Medium: Wood (MDF)
original edition of 8
Dimensions:  H160cm W70cm L72cm  ( 63” X 27.5” X 28”)
Weight: 165Kgs (363Lb)

This majestic female torso is suitable for a hotel lobby, entrance hall or a large room. It is not suitable for outdoor display.

French flair meets Kiwi ingenuity. The piece has been sculpted digitally from the pose of a life model. The 3D model has then been sliced into a topographic contour map. The outline of each contour was then used to cut the 120 parts out of 12mm thick panels of MDF. The parts have been manually assembled into 10 interlocking blocks of about 10 slices each.

Laser cutting by The Cutshop

Assembly/installation: The sculpture is made of 10 easily assembled separate blocks allowing for easy transport, shipping and installation by a single person. Watch the video below.

Base: The sculpture has been set on a disk of 80cm diameter, mounted on bearings allowing the sculpture to spin on itself. The sculpture can be displayed as is or this disk can then be set on top of a plinth of any dimensions to suit any requirement.

The sculpture can be viewed “in the flesh” at [ s p a c e ] art gallery on Waiheke Island

Click on the picture for a closer view.

Watch the video below illustrating the making of “la Grande Rosie”

Other series exists at different scale, different colours and different material.

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