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Bronze casting manual


I have published a tutorial on bronze casting.

How to cast bronze? This complete tutorial will show you a simple, safe and easy way to cast a small, fist size sculpture in bronze at little cost and little effort. The method described in this manual is called the thin ceramic shell, lost wax technique. This is the same technique implemented by modern art foundries; it has simply been adapted to make it possible in the backyard and is the easiest way for the home founder to make a small sculpture to a high degree of quality at little cost and with easily found tools and materials. This manual focuses on a simple yet rewarding 5 days project that will allow the home enthusiast to cast a small piece safely, quickly, cheaply and to a high standard of quality. The manual will introduce you to the basics of wax working, sprueing a wax model, mixing and applying a ceramic slurry, making your own crucible and making an efficient yet affordable furnace, melting and pouring the metal and finally chasing and fettling the bronze before applying a simple patina. The second part of the manual discusses more advanced casting techniques and gives further advice and guidance on how to set up a small scale home foundry. The tools and materials necessary are easy to find. An appendix lists many stores where specialised materials can be purchased in different countries.

It can be purchased as a paperback and other formats on amazon.com


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