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Rodin’s thinker


Medium: Resin, epoxy, enamel
L520mm * W260mm * H390mm
6 Kg

Other series exists at different scale, material and colours.

This little dog is an appropriation of Jeff Koons’s famous Balloon Dog sculpture.

I thought that Koons’s Balloon Dogs is a bit stiff, lacks movements and dynamics and decided to make it better, give it more life, a more dynamic pose, making it more artful one could say, while remaining clearly reminiscent of Koons’s iconic Balloon Dog. I think I have succeeded.

The piece is no longer trying to look like a twisted vinyl balloon, but rather trying to look like Koons’ Balloon Dog.

The dog can be displayed independently from the accompanying realistic female character who is offering an explanation for the dog’s position. The two pieces displayed together complete the story. 

Why is it called “Rodin’s Thinker”
Auguste Rodin is one of the artists who inspired me to become a sculptor. But after learning much about his life, his practice, and his work, I have formed the opinion that he ever produced just one great work, the famous “Thinker”. The rest is either just OK or plain mediocre. He is the man of one work.

I don’t want to offend Jeff Koons but while I admire his “Balloon Dog” as a truly genius work, beautiful, original, enchanting, new, fun, and all simply artful, I don’t really think anything much of the rest he has produced. 

There are in fact many of us, one trick pony artists, and that includes me. If I ever make it to posterity, I will most likely be remembered for the “torso of Rosie”. (and I would not be disappointed, I like Rosie.)

I could have titled this work “Koon’s Balloon dog” but chose to go with “Rodin’s Thinker” so that people would ask me why.

Not suitable for outdoor display. Read the maintenance guide.

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