Where to buy the sculptures of Olivier Duhamel

To inquire about these works, please contact one of the art galleries listed below in a first instance.

Are you a reputable art gallery? We are looking for representation in many places around the world. Please contact Olivier Duhamel in confidence on olivieroduhamel@gmail.com  or here

Ou acheter les sculptures de Olivier Duhamel

Pour acquérir une de ces œuvres, veuillez en premier lieu contacter une des galeries ci-dessous.

Etes-vous une galerie d’art de bonne réputation ? Nous recherchons a être représentés un peu partout dans le monde. N’hésitez pas à contacter Olivier Duhamel sur olivieroduhamel@gmail.com ou ici.

Tauranga winter warm up art sale

SALES DATES: Saturday, 31 July – Tuesday, 31 August.

LATE NIGHT ‘Warm Up Sale’ SHOPPING with EXOTIC herbal & fruit TEAS: Saturday, 31 July, 11am – 7.30pm. * The gallery will be open from 11am until 7.30pm

My Studio


a shoot out to all the people who have been helping me in the studio.

Torso, female, acrylic, black and white

Edition, series, multiples….

If you are confused about the notions of limited edition, open edition, original edition, artist edition, multiple editions, series, and other obscure art concepts, please read my take on it.


What are the phytosanitary requirements for MDF products?

bronze figurine of a nude woman sitting

Recent sales

It is always hugely rewarding to know that someone, somewhere loves my work enough to give me a large sum of money for it.

Sculpture of a couple kissing

How are the resin figurines made?

How are the resin figurines made?

This post is to illustrate and explain the creative process of my small resin figurines.
1- Inspiration
2- design
3- manufacturing
4- Finishing
5- is this art?

Blue stylized dog sculpture

Richard T. Nelson Awards for Sculpture

Olivier Duhamel “Rodin’s thinker” finalist at the Richard T. Nelson Awards for Sculpture and will be revealed to the public at the NZ Art Show, 4-6 June, 2021 in Wellington.

Art in the park – Auckland

23 — 25 July 2021 | Eden Park, Auckland

We are thrilled to provide a new opportunity for New Zealand artists to display their work on our iconic 118-year old stage.
Nick Sautner CEO, The Eden Park Trust

yellow sculpture of a nude woman in a yoga pose legs up

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