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Where to buy the sculptures of Olivier Duhamel

To inquire about these works, please contact one of the art galleries listed below in a first instance.

Are you a reputable art gallery? We are looking for representation in many places around the world. Please contact Olivier Duhamel in confidence on olivieroduhamel@gmail.com  or here

Ou acheter les sculptures de Olivier Duhamel

Pour acquérir une de ces œuvres, veuillez en premier lieu contacter une des galeries ci-dessous.

Etes-vous une galerie d’art de bonne réputation ? Nous recherchons a être représentés un peu partout dans le monde. N’hésitez pas à contacter Olivier Duhamel sur olivieroduhamel@gmail.com ou ici.

Sculpture of a couple kissing

Zaire and friend

Zaire and friend, resin figurine by Olivier Duhamel
limited edition of 8
20cm X 15cm X 12cm

Nude figurine


Tata – Olivier Duhamel
resin edition of 20
25cm X 16cm X 15cm

Blue stylized dog sculpture

Rodin’s thinker

“Rodin,’s thinker”
Resin, epoxy, enamel
March 2021
L520mm * W260mm * H390mm
6 Kg

nude female white figurine seating


“Adorable” Olivier Duhamel, resin, limited edition of 8

nude figurine


Leya Olivier Duhamel
H48cm * 20cm * 20cm
January 2021

white sculpture of a nude woman lying on her side


Flore – Olivier Duhamel
L25cm W16cm H12cm
Edition of 8

A sitting nude woman holding a long braid in her hands


Shonagh by Olivier Duhamel

Medium: Bronze
H25cm W19cm L24cm
Limited edition of 8

Digitally crafted on Zbrush this finely detailed figurine has been filled with epoxy for durability and strength and finished with strong enamel.

The three graces

The 3 Graces

The 3 Graces by Olivier Duhamel

Medium: Resin
H 30cm W16cm L 16cm Plus the base
Limited edition of 8

This is my interpretation of the classical theme of the 3 graces.
The figurine has been modeled digitally in Zbrush from the life pose of 3 life models.

It has been 3Dprinted in finely detailed resin, filled with epoxy for strength and durability and finished with quality enamel.

14 dolphins swimming in a pod

A pod of 14 dolphins

A pod of 14 Dolphins by Olivier Duhamel

Medium: Resin
H 30cm W 20cm L 40cm
Limited edition of 8

Signature on a paper label under the base.

figurine of a nude woman standing


Maya by Olivier Duhamel

Medium: Resin
L35cm W17cm H9cm
Limited edition of 8

3D pronted in finely detailed resin. Filled with epoxy for durability and strenght. Painted with quality automotive enamel.

A highly collectible figurine.

yellow sculpture of a nude woman in a yoga pose legs up

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