A 5% royalty

The government has recently announced that a 5% royalty will be paid to the artists from the resale of artworks on the secondary market. This has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the industry at large.
Do people ever think?


Sculpture of a nude woman sitting

Maggie – Bronze
Limited edition of 8
15 cm


Tata – Bronze – Edition of 8 – 200mm


Sculpture of a nude woman sitting

Pili – Bronze – Limited edition of 8+4 – H 144 W150 D113mm


Bronze bust of a nude woman

Zola – Bronze – Edition of 8 – 200mm plus base

Jeff and Maya

bronze sculpture of a nude couple

Jeff and Maya
Bronze Edition of 8
L250mm H153mm W151mm
July 2022

Gigi bronze

bronze female torso

Gigi – bronze
250mm * 110mm * 100mm
June 2022


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