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A low polygon.


Low polygon sculptures have become a genre of its own. The polygonal brutalist genre emerged after the second world war, particularly in the eastern block. Many examples are still exhibited in many cities and parks in Poland and the former USSR. It has since acquired its letters of nobility with many sculptors exploring the technique on all 5 continents.

With “Calystre” I wanted to attempt my own interpretation trying to create a piece where the rigid geometrical design and the rough, industrial medium can still evoke grace and elegance. “Calystre” is not my first Polygonal attempt. I have made “Aasth spider” in 2015.

I am not the only neither the first artist to explore the popular polygonal genre. Sometimes also called “brutalist”.
In my own New Zealand, Ben Foster is the master of the genre. See his work on https://benfostersculpture.com/

In the US, Lawrence Argent is famous for his monumental low poly artworks, including the spectacular blue Bear in Denver, Colorado. https://www.lawrenceargent.com/ We must also mention American Angie Jones.

Dutch artist Idriss B is also a very prolific Polygonal sculptor https://www.idrissb.com/collection along with Dutch ceramicist Mo Cornelisse

In France, artists such as David Mesguich ( http://www.davidmesguich.com/ ) , Xavier Veilhan (www.veilhan.com/ ) and Thomas Voillaume (https://www.thomasvoillaume.com/ ) have popularised the genre. I must also mention Luc Marnat who is cleverly making his polygonal sculpture look like origamis.

In the UK, Arran Gregory has made fascinating polygonal sculptures with glass panels. (https://arrangregory.com/ ) and Antony Gormley has further explored the genre.
Mark and Paul Cummings are creating beautiful examples of the genre, like other British artist Ekkehard Altenburger.

Luxury brands such as Swarvosky and Lladro have also published beautiful edition of Polygonal figurines, albeit abstract rather than figurative.

In Singapore Pier Alessio Rizzardi made some low polygon sculptures and installations.

In Russia, see the monumental work of Yuri Pshenichni and Yunuen Esparza in Mexico.

Today, the genre is most popular as a papercraft and thousands of models can be purchased from a variety of designers and gift store as precut kit ready to assemble.

It could be argued that the polynesians Moai sculptures of Easter Island are the earliest example of polygonal sculptures.


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